Introducing the Choir

The Choir's Purpose

Quite simply to bring glory to God and to present the gospel message in word and song.

Choir Concerts of Praise

The choir has a busy programme singing at most weekends throughout the year. In churches, cathedrals, concert halls, and village halls. The programme is varied with music ranging from the classics to the modern up tempo choruses. The evening always concludes with a brief gospel message.

Choir Membership

The choir is made up of singers from a wide variety of Christian denominations. But they all share a common knowledge of Jesus as Saviour and Lord.


The Choir was formed in 1945 by Edwin T Shepherd and his wife, now the Choir President, Muriel Shepherd. Initially formed as part of the Christian Endeavour movement it was called the London Endeavour Choir. But in 1953 it became the London Emmanuel Choir and for over 50 years has been singing the gospel around the country. And the choir have sung overseas in America, Canada, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium and Majorca.

Muriel Shepherd - Choir President

For many years Muriel was the pianist, supporting her husband Edwin, the conductor. Edwin went to be with his Lord in 1970, having been taken ill while conducting the choir at their carol concert. Muriel took over as conductor for several years, and is now the choir president.

Robin Littler - Musical Director

Robin joined the choir in 1966, initially in the tenor section. He took over at the piano when Muriel became conductor. He became music director in 1988 and has led the choir forward since then. He conducts and accompanies at the piano and organ as well as composing or arranging songs for the choir. And when the choir go on long journeys to singing engagements, he drives the coach as well!

The Music team

Alan Crosskey (accompanist) joined the choir in 1980 as the organist. Alan graduated at the Royal Academy of Music and now teaches music. A skilled keyboard technician, he accompanies at the organ and piano as well as writing music for the choir.

Bob Eagle (accompanist) joined the choir in 1973, initially in the tenor section before moving to the piano in 1978. After studying the piano in the modern idiom he developed these techniques and adapted them to his own style. He composes and arranges much of the choir's music.

And the choir is fortunate to have a number of gifted soloists including :

  • Marion Redwood - our talented soprano who has thrilled audiences with her powerful solos
  • David Privett - using his strong tenor voice to the glory of God
  • Lionel Blackburn - who has been a great favourite down through the years. And when he and David sing a duet - then you're in for a treat
  • Annie Shore - Annie always brings a new dimension to the concert with a delightful flute solo
  • David Weare - offering a thoughtful solo accompanied by guitar
  • Brian and Jeannie Merison - whether singing together or as soloists Brian and Jeannie bring a special contribution to the evening
  • Dorothy Bowden - Dorothy brings a simple but poignant message of God's love in her solos
  • Thelma Kemp - Thelma uses her rich contralto voice to express the gospel message
  • Zena Godrey, Bruce Duncan, Helen Orr, Christine Kuhrt and Joy Harling all have their individual styles to enhance the evening's theme of praise and worship

Recording and Broadcasting

More than half a million of the choir's records, cassettes and CDs are in circulation. The choir have made two videos, one of Christmas music and the other for Easter. And the choir has appeared on television and radio. It regularly features on local radio.

Carol Festival

For the audiences in London's Westminster Central Hall, Christmas begins with the Choir's carol festival. A two hour celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ told in carols old and new. An occasion for all the family.

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