Joshua - by Bob Eagle

A 25 minute musical presentation, with narration, of the story of Joshua for a young people’s group


Moses led the people - the journey from Egypt to Cannan
Narration 1
A light is shining - the pillar of light led them safely
Narration 2
It’s impossible - 12 spies visit Cannan, but 10 think the mission if too difficult
Narration 3
O Joshua - Moses commissions Joshua to be the leader
We’re pressing on - crossing the Jordan into Canaan
Narration 4
We’re gonna see the walls fall down - the battle of Jericho
I spy a city called Ai- the failure at Ai
Narration 5
Time is suspended in space - the day the sun stood still
While some were wondering - Joshua leads the Israelites in victory as they take possession of Canaan
Narration 6
You must choose - Joshua calls on the people to decide which God they want to serve
God’s promised wonderland - the land flowing with milk and honey

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