The prologue, Two little towns reminds us of the great miracle which is about to take place in Palestine.

Welcome to Palestine sets the scene. We are in Roman occupied Palestine. The people are looking for the promised Messiah.

There is a reminder that God has promised to redeem the land of Israel, Emmanuel, God with us.

The angel appears to Mary to tell her that she is to be the mother of the saviour of the world Be not afraid.

Mary rejoices in the news and sings the Magnificat Now my soul can bless the Lord.

But still the people await the news of the redeemer O come Emmanuel.

Joseph has heard the news from Mary but cannot believe it can be true I canít believe the news I hear/So many questions.

The angel appears to Joseph and confirms the news Godís love.

The couple hurry off to Bethlehem where they are required by Roman law to register for tax. They are not entirely sure what lies ahead of them Hurry now to Bethlehem.

Joseph and Mary ponder whether their son can truly do all that is expected of him Can this baby be the saviour?

The first part concludes with the reminder that Jesus is the Light of the world.

We are now on the hills outside Bethlehem where the shepherds are to be told the news of the birth of Jesus by a company of angels Glory to God.

Joseph is amazed that Godís son has had to be born in a stable because there is no room at any inn If I were God up there in heaven.

The wise men arrive having followed the star, seeking to know where the new king is to be born From eastern mountains

Mary looks ahead to the future for the new born baby she is cradling Love.

The wise men present their gifts at the manger bed Gold we bring.

The birth of Jesus is put into perspective The baby lying in the stall

The finale looks back to the first coming of Jesus but also forward to his coming again in a medley of Advent hymns Come thou long expected Jesus.

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